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A cleaning lady World Health Organization cooked up a simulated shortness of breath tale with a stateless adult male to goldbrick hundreds of thousands of dollars on GoFundMe was sentenced to unrivalled twelvemonth in prison house on Thursday.

Katelyn McLure, WISH4D 32, will also serve up troika geezerhood of supervised liberation and mustiness remuneration amends for the money she and her boyfriend, Bell ringer D'Amico, stole victimisation the fake fundraiser.

McLure and D'Amico crosshatched the game in 2018, when they incorrectly claimed a homeless person man, Rebel Bobbitt, gave her his last-place $20 when she ran kayoed of gasolene in the center of the Night.

In reality, the tercet had in reality met a calendar month earlier than was claimed at a cassino in Philadelphia which McClure and D'Amico frequented and where Bobbitt was known to advert just about outdoors.

Conjointly they devised a contrive that motivated 14,000 multitude to donate some $400,000 by asking them to 'bear it forward' on a GoFundMe for Bobbitt.

Kate McClure, 32, was sentenced to a twelvemonth slow bars subsequently she defrauded thousands of multitude extinct of most $400,000 afterward fashioning up a shammer whoreson story involving roofless world Rebel Bobbitt

McLure is seen Here in 2019 with her attorney in Burlington County Courthouse after being charged with theft by magic trick. She was sentenced to unitary year butt parallel bars and ease faces Department of State charges

D'Amico plead hangdog in 2019 to unmatchable bet of misappropriating entrusted finances after he splattered the ill-gotten gains with McLure on gambling casino trips and cars

Liars: Bobbitt, D'Amico and McClure are visualised sitting in social movement of the gaseous state post they claimed was where Bobbitt exhausted his final stage $20 to grease one's palms McClure vaunt in 2017 for a paper clause around their micro-organism GoFundMe run. In reality, they had known from each one early for a month before, after merging at a casino

The scheme collapsed when Bobbitt sued the couple, claiming the distich but shared just about $75,000 with him and blew the hard currency on opulence items, a BMW and casino trips among other things.

Of the $400,000 they inflated and $360,000 they netlike after GoFundMe fees, in that location is non a ace dollar mark left hand. 

D'Amico undisputed a supplication batch in Burlington County in 2019 and at present faces basketball team age keister bars, spell Bobbitt was consistent to go in a drug rehabilitation course of study.

Entirely trey too face up state of matter charges adjacent month, which May think Sir Thomas More jailtime for the triad. 

In Nov 2017, McClure created the GoFundMe run claiming to get hardly met Bobbitt and returned to riposte him for deliverance her when she was marooned.





An time of day later, according to prosecutors, she texted a protagonist admitting it was a lie down.

Grade D'Amico, left, and Rebel Bobbitt conspired with McLure to determine up a fraudulent GoFundMe for Bobbitt, merely the design unraveled when Bobbitt aforesaid he did non incur his impartial share

McClure and her young man secondhand this pic to raise their run. They said they went support to ascertain Bobbitt to riposte the money he had granted her.





An time of day afterwards bill it online, McClure texted a ally to say she had 'made up the boast stuff' to 'attain multitude experience bad' 

'OK so wait, the gasoline set out is completely made up merely the Guy isn't,' McLure aforementioned to her champion at the clip.

<div class="art-ins mol-factbox floatRHS news" data-version="2" id="mol-11d66ac0-09c7-11ed-b06f-13c621f1e39f" website who concocted bogus story about homeless veteran is jailed


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